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ThinkPad HDD Led

On some (any?) new ThinkPad models, Lenovo has chosen not to add a hdd-led. E.g. on my new ThinkPad Edge E540.

Who is used to look at this led, when pc is stuck (it doesen’t change anything, but it is nice to know if it is working), will shurely miss it someday.

Under linux it is very simple to control the led, Lenovo uses as tittle on the ThinkPad logo. Continue reading

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Git ignores new created .gitignore

Yesterday I ran the following commands on my Windows machine to create a new .gitignore:

echo .* >> .gitignore
echo bin* >> .gitignore

The created files was ignored by git. After some investigation, I have found, that those commands added spaces at the end of any line.
Removed them and everything worked as expected.

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