Disable Touchpad while typing

When your curser changes it's position while you are typing, then you propably hit your touchpad accidently…

This should be prevented by a functionality named "disable Touchpad while typing", which should diable your touchpad for a specified interval after pressing a key.

On one of my laptops (a Lenovo IdeaPad Z580 – Synaptics Touchpad) this interval is to short under Ubuntu 12.10 and so is mostly useless.

the following command:

killall syndaemon

syndaemon -i {intervall} -d -t -K

allows to change this interval and configure some more options:

  • -d starts syndaemon as daemon (should be used every time)
  • -t disables just typing. Moving the mouse is still possible
  • -K does not deactivate the touchpad when pressing key-combinations. Ctrl-C

For "playing around" with different intervals, prior to add the script to system start, you can use the following script:


if ! INTERVALL=$(zenity --entry --text "NEw Intervall in sec.:" --title "Interval?"); then

killall syndaemon
syndaemon -i $INTERVALL -d -t -K
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